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Therapeutic services for children, adolescents, & adults. 

Through play therapy, individual counseling, family support, or group therapy, you can reconnect with yourself and find your way to feeling whole again.

All are welcome here. 

You may have found me because you or someone you love is having a hard time.


Your child may be acting out at school or has suddenly become more attached. Perhaps you or your teenager have become more isolated, angry, or reactive. Life can be so messy and unpredictable - you may not even be sure what you are hoping for in seeking support, and that's okay. 


I specialize in working with people of all ages in the healing process that can take place after a significant event, trauma, or unexpected change.


Please take as much time as you need and feel welcome to reach out and ask questions if you see anything that might speak to the ways I can help you or someone you love. Feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety can be unwelcome visitors, but I am glad you're here. 


All services are provided via telehealth

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