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Grief And Loss

You do not have to walk this path alone. 

  • Suicide

  • Child death 

  • Sudden death 

  • Unprocessed grief 

  • Terminal illness 

  • Anticipatory grief 

  • Pet loss 

Grief is a universal experience inherent in the shared connections we have with others. Grief does not discriminate and touches the lives of everyone in a variety of different ways. Not everyone who is grieving needs support, and that's okay.


Grief support can be helpful if you or your child is having difficulty reengaging with life in a way that is meaningful for you.


Perhaps you or your child is more irritable, explosive, forgetful, or unmotivated. There might be difficulty in connecting with others and no longer joy in the things that once brought happiness.

Some children who experienced a death at a younger age, may be struggling with new emotions as significant milestones approach, such as getting their license, making a place on the team, or starting at a new school. Others may be experiencing nightmares, difficulty sleeping, fears around things that remind them of the death, or flashbacks when they see or hear certain things.


A death does not have to be sudden or tragic to be traumatic, and some might find that they are holding onto certain events, or beliefs that are getting in the way of remembering and honoring their special person.


The experience of a death, regardless of the circumstances or relationship to the person who died, can trigger a variety of challenges. If you are wondering if support could be helpful for you or your child, please feel welcome to be in touch to hear how I may be able to help. 

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