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My Approach

I value a collaborative approach with clients of all ages, embracing the nuances of play therapy with a deep appreciation for the conversations with adolescents and adults. My background in music and mindfulness-based practices inspires me to work creatively with you allowing space for your experience to unfold naturally, without judgement or agenda.

My belief is that the relationship formed with my clients within their sessions helps to strengthen the relationship they have with themselves. 


Our work together might include:


  • Education about death and dying and the ways it can impact the fight. flight, or freeze response

  • Exploring emotions and finding new ways to cope 

  • Releasing unhelpful beliefs or feelings through play or verbal processing

  • Working through the experience of the death to reduce intrusive thoughts, nightmares, or uncomfortable body reactions

  • Relational support to increase communication and bonding between family members

  • Ways to integrate the deceased into your life moving forward

While grief is often what initiates my work with clients, it can also be the opening to further personal exploration and curiosity. I welcome and value long term work with clients who have the desire to continue exploring how family dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and past traumas impact how they choose to move forward in their healing.

Your own curiosity and innate wisdom will be the guiding voice.

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