Attachment Based Family Therapy

Attachment-Based Family Therapy Informed Counseling

  • repair ruptures following the death

  • rebuild secure relationships 

  • promote adolescent autonomy

When adolescents experience the death of a parent or primary caregiver they may become isolated, depressed, and express suicidal ideation.


As the current caregiver you may find yourself at a loss with how to respond or support them and feel like your relationship is moving further apart.


ABFT informed work can support you and your teenager in rebuilding your relationship as you begin to readjust to what life is like for your family moving forward after the death. 

"Attachment-Based Family Therapy (ABFT) is the only empirically supported family therapy model designed to treat adolescent depression.

ABFT emerges from interpersonal theories that suggest adolescent depression and suicide can be precipitated, exacerbated, or buffered against by the quality of interpersonal relationships in families. ABFT aims to repair interpersonal ruptures and rebuild an emotionally protective, secure-based, parent–child relationship. The treatment initially focuses on repairing or strengthening attachment and then turns to promoting adolescent autonomy." - Guy S. Diamond, Gary M. Diamond, Suzanne A. Levy