Connect and Share with Others 
  • Grief Waves 

  • Family Challenges

  • Physical Symptoms

  • Life Event Stressors

  • Interpersonal Dynamics and Feedback

  • Parents Grieving a Child Suicide Death 

  • Young Adults  

  • Men's Group   

Grief-focused, Process-Oriented Groups for Individuals Joined by a Death-Loss.


Joining a therapeutic group can be a powerful way to explore your grief process while deepening your awareness of how you have been impacted by grief.


Group can often be an antidote to the thoughts or feelings that "no one else understands." 

These groups are held with the intention of a light structure to provide guidance for working with the grief process while also creating space for the immediate challenges, successes, and interpersonal interactions between group members. 

This can be a supportive adjunct to individual therapy or an entry into seeking support for yourself in a way that might be more affordable and less direct than spending an hour with an individual therapist. Groups can also be incredibly stimulating and challenging at times - I work with group members to bring awareness to their individual levels of tolerance and support the balance of vulnerability and containment. 


Since 2015 I have co-facilitated and facilitated over 500 hours of groups to provide therapeutic support to children and adults grieving a death due to suicide, child-loss, homicide, community violence, and sudden and anticipated illness. I am currently in the final stages of becoming a Certified Group Psychotherapist through the American Group Psychotherapy Association and am a member of my own group process to further deepen my therapeutic skills and personal awareness. 

Please reach out to inquire about group enrollment and scheduling. An initial intake is required prior to joining to best support your group experience.