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Connect and grow with others 
  • Adult Group 

  • Teen Group

  • Minecraft Group

Many people join a therapy group reluctantly, skeptical of being open and vulnerable with a group of strangers. However by simply showing up and trusting in the power of ones voice, you can find honest and deep relationships with others (and yourself.)


Group can be an antidote to the thoughts or feelings that "no one else understands." 

For adults, group therapy can be a place to discuss themes of feeling pushed out and alone even with family and friends – members might identify having a hard time jumping in and saying what they want or need. There might be experiences of self criticism and isolation that have prevented them from living the life they want. You might struggle when finding yourself saying "yes" when you really want to say "no." 

For teenagers, group therapy is about having conversations that might not feel safe or comfortable with friends IRL. Teen groups are about trusting oneself and others in ways that can repair old feelings and experiences. Teen groups are also fun: no one knows you better than your peers and laughing with a safe, confidential group can be just what teens need to release post-pandemic stress and pressure. 


Please visit Holistic Psychotherapy Boulder to learn more about my adult group co-facilitated with Loretta Miller, LAC, LPC

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