Play Therapy provides children the opportunity to process their emotions and grief experience through the lens of creativity and non-judgmental exploration. I utilize non-directive and directive play therapy to let the children set the pace of the session before introducing specific activities and prompts to facilitate the grief process. 

Individual Talk Therapy is helpful for adolescents and adults to create an understanding of their grief, reflecting on aspects of their relationship with the deceased and looking to move forward with a their relationship in a new way. 

EMDR Therapy for Traumatic Experiences of a Death:

Attachment-Based Family Therapy-informed work is a specific modality used to strengthen the relationship between an adult caregiver or parent and their teenager. For some families the deceased may have been the primary caretaker or someone who had the strongest relationship with the child. Or perhaps someone is new to the family and struggling to connect with a teen who is acting out, self-harming, or isolating. ABFT can help increase communication and rapport while shifting a disruptive relationship to collaborative conversations. 


Caregiver Support